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Spawn staff-island crates Prison Survival Skyblok spawn skyblok-island

Multiple Gamemodes

We have multiple gamemodes for you for the best experiance

the gamemodes so far:

  • Survival
  • Soon: Skyblock
  • Soon: Prison

Soon: LootBoxes

Soon we also add lootboxes that you can have inside the spawn and in the multiple gamemodes


below this page you have a link to our discord server there you could get support for the game. if you like to play other games beside Minecraft go to our parters discord below Cosy Cottage

Welcome to CrystalVoid

CrystalVoid Started in january 2019 with 4 friends to build op a dutch MineCraft Community in the middel of 2019 CrystalVoid Merged with a Dutch/English Comunity and we started to grow bigger and started multiple gamemodes.
in the begining of 2020 CrystalVoid had some problem and we were back as a Dutch Community and we’ve been searching  around and mid 2020 we partnerd up with Cosy Cottage to grow back as Dutch/English Minecraft Community


Active GameMode


Gamemodes in progres




Will start soon:

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